Semangat Life Mission

Practical Spirituality and Spiritual Therapy for your Life Mission

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Semangat Life Mission

Practical Spirituality and Spiritual therapy for your Life Mission


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Who are you?

Where are you at now?

...I don't mean literally. Where are you really at in your life? Is this how you imagined your life would be? Do you feel happy, content and motivated to live?

You feel stuck...

You have to take some big decisions and you don't know how to. You start weighing pros and cons, but it only makes you more confused. You know there is more to life, but you don't know how to get there. You know you are capable of more, but you don't know how to integrate all that you are. You lack the confidence and courage to choose. How now, brown cow?

You are different

You don't know how to fit in this society. You feel like a purple tulip in a field of red roses. You are and feel different, because you are more sensitive than most people. You have your own opinions and ideas about important issues. You learn and perceive the world in a different fashion than most people, so you are probably highly gifted. You have many talents and skills, but you are not doing the work or study that fit them.

It all starts with a gut feeling...

However...you have a feeling that you are destined for greatness. A feeling that you will contribute to the world in touch with your truest and most authentic self. A feeling that you are completely connected to yourself, to the Earth, to life. A feeling that comes from your heart and soul.

“Life Mission is about answering the question:

‘Who am I?’ without using any words.”

– Nesya Rusiyanadi

Let me guide you in your mission with semangat!

My name is Nesya Rusiyanadi. I was born into an Indonesian family in Amstelveen, the Netherlands. I am a Soul Senser, Healer and a soul learning from the human experience. I'm on a mission to guide you in your life mission. I am a Spiritual therapist with a background in psychology and nutrition. I am highly sensitive, highly gifted and have a natural curiosity for living beings, their inner workings and the magic that is the universe. 'Semangat' is an Indonesian word meaning 'spirit' or 'impassioned'. Despite of my always moving inner realms I stay semangat in contributing to life on Earth in my own specific ways. Allow me to fullfil one of my missions by guiding you in your life mission!

“The art of asking questions is having the courage to allow a childlike wonder to appear.”

– Nesya Rusiyanadi

What is life mission?

Life Mission is about discovering who you are. It's about learning how to live. We are all put on Earth. We haven't learned how to do that. In school, we are taught how to pursue a career and a family. But is that all that life is about? Living is about learning the tools to discover who you are, so you can make your contribution to this Earth. The only way to do this, is to be your True Self. This means accepting yourself for who you are at any moment.

Seeing and feeling water drops on glass.


Sensing means experiencing the world with all your sense organs. Do you know you have more sense organs than the five physical ones? Discover which inner senses you use mostly and what the language of your intuition is.


Wondering and being amazed is about standing still at creation and asking the right questions. Did you know you always get an answer to your questions? Sometimes you just need to listen in a different way.

As wise as this owl in this daylit forest.


Knowing is about trusting your gut. Having selfconfidence and faith in the unknown ways of the Universe. Knowing is also connected to understanding that anything is present in the collective energies. Ask and you shall know.

“Spirituality is learning about life by continuously searching for truth and connecting to life in all its unexpected forms.”

– Nesya Rusiyanadi

Practical spirituality

Spirituality is about gaining insight in every experience you have, whether in your inner realms (emotions, feelings, thoughts) or in the outer world through difficult situations you get to deal with. It's about connecting to life and as a consequence to yourself. It's about dealing with the situation from the truth within. Practical spirituality is about incorporating habitual exercises and meditation in everyday life to understand those experiences. Find the exercises and meditations that are right for you and that you can integrate easily in daily life. Furthermore, understand that the discipline to exercise daily also means that you are flexible towards your needs.


Discover the best way for you to make practicing spirituality a daily habit. Maybe you'd like to try a workshop before you do a personalized reading.

The feeling of a serene waterfall during the workshops

Practical Spirituality for your Life Mission

A series of four introductory workshops for your life mission

Reading auras is like discerning the meaning of different hues of light.

Personalized Aura reading

A one-to-one session where you gain insights about your life mission through an aura reading

Removing your blockages like fog in a forest to read energies purely.

Life Mission from a Soul Vision

Personalized 3- or 6-month Package for a balanced life through Soul Sensing

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Individual Sessions

Discover your Life Mission through individual sessions of Spiritual therapy and coaching

What will you need?

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Sense of Wonder

Driving through the forest and having a sense of freedom and openness.



“The meeting with Nesya was magical. The right person at the right time. The question: “Who am I?” brought me to her. As a man I was looking for answerts to the questions: “What does it mean to be a man? Is a man allowed to have feelings? And what does it mean to be a man in relation to a woman?”. Together we digged deep into finding the answers. And what I liked is that she didn't attach to my pain and didn't go along with it. That’s why I call her the Medium of the New World. Nesya gave me answers that were just right for me at the time. Without having any expectations. That is what helped me and gave me the confidence that things are good as they are. It still remains difficult to stay in that vibe, but when I listen to our voice message [i.e. recording of the life mission reading – Nesya], it gives me confidence again.”
“I found Nesya on Meetup and met her in a session on how to encounter emotions. It helped me a lot and I decided to ask her for a reading as well. I sent her all my questions and was overwhelmed when I listened to the answers and the depth which they contained. I learned more about myself and what keeps me from becoming my true self. I received valuable advice therefore I am glad that the reading is a recording, so I can listen to it again any time.”
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